Relationship Dichotomy - Mirror has 2 faces

The movie "Mirror has two faces" is one of a kind love story between two wise adults in their late forties.

The central character is Rose Morgan (Barbara Strieisand) a professor in Columbia University. She is a plane Jane and has been a singleton for a long time. Gregory Larkins (Jeff Bridges), a math professor enters her life with the help of her sister and mother through an advertisement.
He attends one of her classes and finds her a great companion for his future. He likes her not because of her looks but, because she is easy to talk to. He is happy with the fact that he is not attracted to her or smitten by her beauty. He happily takes her to all those places that he enjoys like good music or restaurant. He doesn't have to think twice before talking to her. He finds himself at ease with her. He even tells her, " I want to be upfront with you, I am not interested in sex."

She on the other hand defends her nature of relationship to her mother by saying "It's not a date, we're just agreeing to eat at the same table. She gives him valuable inputs to become a good teacher and to make good rapport with his students. She knows that, he has a special regard for prime numbers. Even gifts him a cuff ling with all prime numbers. She makes subjects as ordinary as a base ball game interesting for him with the application of numbers on the field scoreboard.

They both decide to get married but, with a strange mutual agreement. Their marriage was based on a theory that after a person falls in love and then fails in love he or she is left heartbroken for a long time. In a relationship even though love plays a part, but far greater than that is the mutual respect and companionship that one needs once they grow old. So in their marriage, they were expecting a high level of friendship and companionship with an occasional sex. Thus there was no love involved. But, the sad part of the movie was that Rose does fall in love with this man. After marriage when she starts hinting him for sex by saying "by the way, would telling you now that I want sex tonight be enough of a warning?"

When they start a lovemaking scene, Gregory walks out, saying that "we had a mutual agreement and this is not right." He starts accusing her of female manipulation of their pact. Leaving her heart broken.

Later after much denial, and knowledge that she is going out with some one else. He realizes that he does after all love her. And comes back to her.

The more learned we are, the more complicated we get as this Mr. Gregory Larkins trying to customize our lives and holding back simple emotions such as love. Why do we not understand that, love itself is what we look forward for? And only love can lead to a happy life. Any relationship to be successful needs the most important ingredient of all, that is love.
Benita Toppo Editors Team