My idea of Romantic Sex


Sex can be romantic. But it's not always. We have quickies. Well at least I do. It's all I seem to have time for -- when I even find the time.


A quickie isn't my idea of romantic sex. Unless you count when husband puts his hand on my knee during one of those body spray commercials and winks at me. If the twins are asleep and I've actually showered that day, it's time. Sexy time. Fifteen whole minutes of it.


I'm not complaining. I love a good quickie. But when it comes time for romance, you know true love forever romantic sex, I have something else in mind.


It's slow sex. But it's also a whole lot of foreplay. And. a lot of preparation before the foreplay as well.


My husband knows what I love. He'll light some scented candles, make sure the bed is free of any items or dirty underwear, kiss me everywhere but the mouth, and take off my clothes, slowly. Then he'll plant me a wet one on the kisser. Rub my face, touch my hair. The actual act of sex, penetration, comes after all of this. And it's s-l-o-w slow. It could get fast, but it always comes back to slow. The position I love the most? Man on top.


For me, it's not about position though. It's all the other little things, that makes it so special.