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More Indians have access to cell phones than toilets

The overwhelming reach of mobile phones and people's dependence on them have been such that a Delhi High Court judge on Monday could not resist himself from commenting that the gadgets have become more accessible than toilets in India.


"The paradox is that more people have access to mobile phones than toilets in India," was how Justice Kailash Gambhir expressed his feelings while dealing with the issue of sealing of cell phone towers in the capital.


"It is an inevitable truth that a mobile phone is no more a luxury but a part of our very existence. We cannot dispute our dependence on the mobile phone today when owning it has become proportional to personal empowerment. It is a silver bullet to the vagaries and vicissitudes of life," he observed.


Earlier, the connectivity was scarce but now the service providers with their impeccable connectivity have "lured the rickshawalas and the millionaire alike to the consortium," Justice Gambhir, who directed the government to constitute an expert panel to examine the potential health hazards posed by the towers and antennas, said.


The mobile operators had approached the Delhi High Court challenging the new policy brought by the MCD increasing the fee of 2000 per cent in 2010 from that of what was in 2000.


PTI / May 31, 2010